Lockwood High School

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We’ve compiled all the information about the upcoming Lockwood High School Project right here for your viewing pleasure!

  • Lockwood residents voted 70-30 percent in November of 2017 to research the costs and benefits of building a local high school.
  • Voters decided May 8 to approve construction of the new high school.
  • Students will have a greater opportunity to participate in student groups and school sports, such as softball, soccer, and football. It will be easier for kids to get to school and attend after-school and evening activities.
  • Research shows that students in small schools do better academically, feel less alienated, more nurtured, and more connected to caring adults.
  • We will be a Class A school with auditorium, gym, track, fields, stadium and other facilities that are comparable to class A schools in Eastern Montana.
  • Vo-Ag/CTE Programs (Career Technical Education) including woodshop/construction, welding, STEM, robotics, drafting, culinary arts, art, music (band & choir), and design production, plus other academic and career elective course offerings.
  • The facility includes a large community room, library, commons areas, auditorium, and tournament gymnasium.
  • 154,000 square-foot building with full high school services for 700 students, which accounts for student population growth over the next 15-20 years.
  • The $49.9 million bond will fund construction of the new high school. The cost for the owner of a $200,000 home is projected to be $23.31 per month.
  • Our tax dollars will stay in our community, supporting our schools, controlled by our taxpayers.
  • The school will tentatively open to Lockwood high school students in August of 2021.

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