NILE Version 2.0 Revised Schedule Announced

The NILE has announced its NILE Version 2.0 Revised Schedule with details on the event. View the information below!


As we move towards NILE Version 2.0, here are more details. We hope to provide you with a bit more clarity and hope that you will respect the decisions made by the NILE Board, as all factors were discussed upon reaching the decisions that have been made. Instead of “canceling” or “postponing”, we have taken the time to MODIFY the fall event in an honest attempt to be here for our exhibitors in one way or another in 2020.


Many horse events across the county and state have been given clearance by the Governor and County Health Officials. We feel that we can manage the current restrictions (social distancing, sanitation, etc.) all while continuing to provide our exhibitors with high quality shows and sale.


As mentioned in the previous press release, we will continue to hold events pertaining to youth, based on NILE’s mission. We feel that the smaller events of the Club Calf Show & Sale and NILE Merit Heifer Program are manageable based on the restrictions. Both shows and the sale will also be broadcast online.


Unfortunately, the Open Breeding Cattle Shows, Progeny Pen Parade and the Commercial Heifer Pen Show will not happen in 2020. In working through the logistics leading up to the decisions made, it became very clear that with the current restrictions we would not be able to properly social distance exhibitors in the stalling area, wash racks, staging areas and seating areas. Required sanitation cost alone was unfathomable. Please know that we will bring all these divisions back in 2021 stronger!


In regards to the Jr Fed Sale – with the shows being held virtually, the thought of holding a virtual sale was discussed. Ultimately, because we see exhibitors from all across the region, it was decided that it would be very difficult to get each animal sold back to Billings to be sent to its final destination.


Cattle Sales (Black Angus and Red Angus) will be discussed and more information will be available soon.


Sadly, our featured Ranch and PRCA Rodeos will not be a part of this years October line up. Simply, the economics of extremely limited seating combined with the hard hit to our sponsors plus the overhead will not allow us to host these rodeos this year. Along with that, another of the great pieces of NILE are the Trade Shows. While they won’t be occurring this fall, they will return next year!


Again, please know that we do understand many of your frustrations. The decision made wasn’t made lightly. However, we are very excited to see version 2.0 in action! Thank you all for your continued support of the NILE.