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  • Voices On Demand, Nov. 24, 2020: Austin Knudsen, Montana AG-Elect November 24, 2020
    Coverage on the latest Presidential election news and… GUEST: Austin Knudsen, Montana Attorney General-Elect Topics: Election, Drug Enforcement, Law & Order
    Tom Schultz
  • Voices On Demand for Nov 23, 2020: Presidential Election, Coronavirus Spiking, Taxpayer News November 23, 2020
    Coverage on the latest Presidential election news and coronavirus spikes in Montana. 2nd Half: Montana’s Taxpayer Advocate, Paul Harper Topics: EIC, 2020 Stimulus Money, and 2020 tax advice
    Tom Schultz
  • Waste Not – Want Not November 20, 2020
    For every barrel of oil produced, roughly 3 to 6 barrels of ground water can surface with it. Energy companies often inject this water back into the ground, which reportedly may cause tremors and other subterranean problems. A process has finally been developed for oilfield wastewater to be cleaned and recycled for use in irrigation.…
    Tom Schultz