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  • COVID-19 Wildlife Transmittal & CWD January 11, 2021
    Did you know there are documented cases where the COVID-19 virus has been transmitted from humans to felids (cats) and mustelids (weasels)? Bob Gibson, Communication and Education Program Manager for ... Read more
    Tom Schultz
  • Tackling Pandemic Problems for Seniors at the Legislature January 9, 2021
    The coronavirus pandemic has brought about many challenges, and chief among those were the difficulties families and institutions faced with caring for the elderly. With the 67th Montana legislative session ... Read more
    Tom Schultz
  • Lola Raska & Taylor Brown Reminisce on her MGGA Retirement December 30, 2020
    It can leave a deep hole when your organization loses a phenomenal leader. Lola Raska’s knowledge and experience has been invaluable to the Montana Grain Growers Association, so wheat farmers ... Read more
    Josh Rath