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  • glennkudrna

    Price reduced to $2000. 1978 Starflight 18′ fiberglass boat with trailer, 90HP Mercury, power lift, power anchor, 2 fish finders, Minkota 35 trolling motor with remote, includes transport tarp, good condition. Call 406-696-1482

  • The Residence Inn is hosting an Open House featuring our newly remodeled property. Entertainment includes Segways of Montana giving tiral rides to our guests. Food, Drink and Prizes. July 30th 4:30pm-7pm

  • Right now, Israel is the only country in the Middle East where Christians have full Citizens Rights and are Safe. Christians are being Murdered and enslaved by Muslims thought out the Middle East. The Muslims would be doing the same thing to Jews if we were still there. Israel is the only country standing up against ISIS and the Islamic Culture War that is spreading thought out the Middle East and Europe and now threating America. So, please Help Strengthen Israel with the Israel Longhorn Project. We can solve this problem together if each of 3000 of us donates $200.00, on the web at http://longhornproject.org or contact Robin at robin@longhonproject.org or 650-631-9270.

  • The Galilee is overflowing with non-native desert shrubs that burn at a higher temperature igniting trees and causing forest fires. Using holistic grazing we will bring life back to the semi dead sterile soils of Israel.

    Cattle grazing, defecating, urinating and breaking up hard packed desert soil will increase soil bacteria and fungi. Improving soil anatomy and physiology, which, leads to, increased grass growth with increased water and carbon adsorption of soils. We will teach holistic grazing using desert cattle, Texas Longhorn, and help all Israeli and East African ranches.

    Planting in semi dead gray sterile soils without improving it is a waste of time, work, money and water!

    We need your help to do it. Contact Robin at 650-631-9270 or http://longhornproject.org on the web.

  • . Help the ranches and farmers in Israel that are under attack and feed the poor people of Israel who cannot afford meat – even for once a week for Shabbat. The Israel Longhorn Project, on the web at http://longhornproject.org or contact Robin at 650-631-9270