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KGHL Survey

Thanks for giving us your opinion.  We really appreciate the time you took and the answers you gave us.  You are now entered in a drawing for $100 cash just for completing the survey.  Thanks again for listening to KGHL.  If you'd like to tell us more, just click on our e-mail addresses below

Ed McIntosh Karen Gallagher
Ray Massie

If you have a friend who listens to KGHL who would be interested in telling us what they think, send us an e-mail and tell us. We'll include them in our next survey. Thanks again for listening to KGHL

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04/10/2013 12:55PM
KGHL Survey
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04/13/2013 10:12AM
Nicole Yeaman
I am not sure if this would assist you or not, but your survey did not include Craigslist. The reason I mention it is that the same people who enjoy tradio and use it may also be ones who use Craigslist. I just thought I would mention it to you... Andthanks for your station. I love it!
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