KGHL, the Mighty 790

KGHL focuses on Agriculture, the biggest industry in Montana. The Mighty 790's 20 county signal is the only media to serve Montana's farmers and ranchers everyday.

KGHL produces and airs more than three hours of ag programming everyday. No print, no television, and no other radio reaches this $1Billion dollar market (KGHL's market area) with this kind of coverage. Internet and cell coverage are spotty in Montana outside metro areas or the freeway system. Radio is the constant companion to reach these business people efficiently. When farmers or ranchers want a price, an update on the farm bill, or news on agriculture, they depend on KGHL more than any other media source by a 4:1 margin.

Weather is very important in Montana, particularly to its largest industry. KGHL is the only radio station in eastern Montana and northern Wyoming with a two person weather team with long time Billings TV meteorologist Ed McIntosh and weatherman John Pulasky. Together, they account for more than 60 years of weather forecasting experience. Experience that is important to this very agricultural area.

KGHL and Montana's Largest Industry

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In 2011, agriculture generated $3.2 billion in income on 29,400 farms and ranches – making it the largest industry in Montana.

Wheat and beef account for about three-fourths of the state’s agricultural receipts, pulse crops such as peas and lentils are gaining significance as more farmers are diversifying their operations. Montana grows barley (#3 in U.S.), honey (#5 in U.S.), and oil seeds such as safflower and canola. Montana is also known for its hay, sweet cherries, sugar beets, and seed potatoes.

KGHL's Audience

The station has a high concentration of people who work in agriculture. A recent audience survey showed 32% of KGHL listeners make their living in agriculture. 65% of the station's audience is between 25 and 64, with the vast majority being 45 to 64. A predominately male audience (58%), KGHL listeners spend the majority of their radio listening time on the AM band. Only 38% listen to a FM station daily.

KGHL Coverage Area

The Mighty 790 KGHL covers all or a portion of 20 counties in eastern Montana and northern Wyoming.

The station has a daytime power of 5000 watts and changes to a night time strength of 1800 watts. Our signal is the most powerful non directional station in Yellowstone County. You can hear the station from Jordan to Forsyth to Sheridan to Sheep Mountain and Livingston


KGHL Programming

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KGHL is the flagship station of the biggest Ag network in the northwest, the Northern Ag Network. This network covers all or parts of four states in the northwest. The station is proud of its agricultural roots and airs more than 3 hours of ag programming each day.

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KGHL is also part of the CBS Radio Network. Montana State University Football and Basketball air on the station.

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The station programs Big Sky Country Legends, including music from Patsy Cline and Willie Nelson to Garth Brooks and George Strait. Country music is a big format in Billings, with 4 radio stations offering this music. Only KGHL has the signal, the service to community, and focus on agriculture to reach your potential clients.

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